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Beginning on Sunday, April 2 ...

Come join SAYC's 

Spring Season! 

After a great Winter Season which ended with the Winter Choral Celebration in Austin on February 26, we are now rested, recharged, and ready for the next challenge  ahead. I hope you're ready to restart, because the SAYC staff is certainly ready to go!  And ... 


The Spring Season is a mini-season -- it lasts only through April -- and here's how it's going to work: 

1. We're going to keep our current anthem repertoire warm, memorized, and polished. We are also adding a couple of totally new pieces to our repertoire ... and all these will be the music for our Summer Season ... which is also our Tour Season. More about tour soon, but it's going to be great fun!  You won't want to miss it!

2. For part of our rehearsal time throughout the month of April, we are going to combine forces with the UTSA Choral Scholars, the Woodland Sanctuary Choir, and a full orchestra comprised of 25 members of the SA Philharmonic.  (Don't worry, we don't have to memorize this music ... we can use our scores!)

3. We'll be presenting two exciting concerts on Sunday, April 30 with 80 singers and full orchestra. Concert times are 4:00pm and 5:30pm at Woodland. Admission is free. Begin now inviting friends, parents, family members. They won't want to miss seeing and hearing you in this setting. It's going to be wonderful!


4. To learn more, click the menu above, which tells more about REHEARSALS, 2023 SEASONS, AND ANTHEMS.

Since the Spring Season is so short, it's important that we hit the ground running on April 2. Please arrive early for the first rehearsal, because there's always much to do when we begin the new season. We want to start our rehearsal at 4pm on the dot, so please arrive in Maresh Hall no later than 3:45!

We're very excited to see you again and to hear your glorious sound!

Your director and friend,


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