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SAYC Parent-Student Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, June 2, at 3:30pm right before rehearsal at 4:00.

We need all students and at least one parent to be present for this meeting. We will discuss all details of the tour, answer questions, and give out a copy of the NYC Handbook. Plan now to be there.

The SAYC 2024 New York Tour is just around the corner, which means a lot of information will be coming your way between now and tour time. It is crucial you read and understand each and every SOUND sent to you. 

In order to have easy access to items previously mentioned in earlier SOUND editions, a file has been created with a running list you can follow. Click below to download.

More details will be shared with you each week in the SOUND as well as listed on the website. Many of your questions will be answered in the June 2nd meeting as well as in the NYC Tour Handbook. The SAYC staff is always available as well to answer any questions you might have.


The best way to move around in NYC is by walking and taking the subway. SAYC will be using both of these modes of transportation while on tour this year. We will be covering a lot of ground in a short amount of time. Yes, the subway is convenient, but it doesn't drop you at the front door of your destination. Therefore, we will be walking anywhere from 2-5 miles each day. Are you ready? What's your stamina like? It's not too late to build it up, but you need to start now. Take 30 minutes out of your day each day between now and tour time and do a brisk walk around your neighborhood or park. You will be glad you did!

Speaking of walking, be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes. We recommend some sort of tennis/canvas shoe, which is also what you will wear with your concert attire.

Pack Smart and Small with Lauren

As you know, everyone is allowed to bring one carry-on bag/suitcase and one personal item such as a backpack or purse. There will be no checked bags on this tour. Check out Lauren's tips on packing smart for the trip.

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